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Spanish PRE Horse Exports – since 2001
Sale of Andalusian – Spanish Pure Breed – PRE – PSL – CDE – Iberian Horses –

Spanish PRE Horse Exports – since 2001 Sale of Andalusian – Spanish Pure Breed – PRE – PSL – CDE – Iberian Horses –

Step One 

We suggest you study our “HORSES FOR SALE CATALOGUE” published on this website

and visit our Youtube channel “Miriam Frenk Andalusian Horses for sale“.

Not all horses included on the website catalogue have their videos open to public viewing, so please contact us for links to videos.

Please send us the filled out enquiry form , so we know exactly what your wishes are.

Do not forget to include the id. numbers of those horses that appealed to you from our website listing.

Or send us an e-mail , stating the following charactericstics of the horse(s) you are searching :

  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Age
  • Colour
  • Type ( traditional baroque or  modern FEI dressage type )
  • Training level if any
  • Temperament
  • What is the horse going to be used for in the future ?
  • Details about the rider : age, height , experience
  • Approximate available budget
  • Any further observations

You will find information regarding  the price indications used in our catalogue  under  PRICE LEVELS

Prices do vary occasionally (not always!), so if you are interested in a horse that is listed in a price level that is above your approximate available budget, then do contact us for further information. Being open regarding your budget will help us to assist you succesfully, so please let us know the amount you have available for the purchase – we promise to try not to make you spend it all !

Step Two

Miriam will carefully study your request, and will send you the information you requested of horses shown on the website. She will also select – if possible and if required – more horses that respond to the stated characteristics. Information, details and quality videos will be forwarded for you to study. The easiest way for swift communication and for the forwarding of links to videos and pictures is by Whatsapp. There is a Whatsapp button showing on our website, so it is easy to connect with us.

If you wish, Miriam will be happy to provide you with videos of a great variety of horses, because this will develop your understanding of and your feel for the breed, and will help you to successfuly make your final choice.

She can also answer many questions you might have regarding sanitary regulations for horses entering your country, transport options and  expenses, and insurance, etc.

Step Three

Once you have found among the horses presented to you, some or even one that particularly caught your eye, then you are ready to come over to Spain.

However, if you find it hard or impossible to travel, Miriam is used to provide highly detailed videos, specifically prepared for the non-traveling client, enabling you to purchase from the video without any problems or doubts.

Step Four

If you decide to come to Spain, your travel itinerary  will be coordinated in detail  in advance.

Step Five

Your visit to Spain to view the horses. Miriam will make this visit as pleasant and succesful as possible for you.

Step Six

You have chosen your horse(s) either by personally viewing or through the videos you received.  Miriam can help you organize the pre-purchase veterinary examination, and all information will be sent to your veterinary surgeon in your home country for his consideration.

Step Seven

The unavoidable: you will have to proceed with payment for your horse! Horses are to be paid fully before departure from the seller’s stables. It is advisable to have the horse insured before you proceed with payment.

Step Eight

Miriam is highly experienced at finding transport options for your horses, even to the most remote places in the world. She can take care of coordinating all sanitary and transport issues for you.

Step Nine

Prepare yourself for the big day – the arrival of your new horse(s). Do not forget to ask for all the details you need regarding feeding, shoeing, vaccinations, and general care well beforehand.  We suggest you read the article “Some Advice for the New PRE horse owner “


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