Sale of Andalusian Horses - Spanish PRE Horse Exports - since 2001

Pricing Levels

You will find the following price levels mentioned in our “Horses for Sale” list:
Basic between 6000 15000 euros
Medium between 15000 and 24000 euros
Superior between 24000 and 40000 euros
Exclusive above 40000 euros
Medium to Basic , means that the horse is priced in the lower region of the Medium level
Basic to Medium, means that the horse is priced in the upper region of the Basic level

Prices do vary occasionally (not always!), so if you are interested in a horse that is listed in a price level that is above your approximate available budget , then do contact us for further information . Being open and straightforward regarding your budget will help us to assist you successfully, so please let us know the amount you have available for the purchase – we promise to try not to make you spend it all!

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What Prices Are Based On

Often clients are some what puzzled regarding the value of our PRE – Pura Raza Española – Andalusian horses and therefore it is useful to explain by what factors prices are influenced. CORRECT CONFORMATION – QUALITY OF MOVEMENT – TYPINESS. These are qualities that the PRE horse should show in the eyes of the Spanish judges at the “Concursos Morfológicos” – the Conformation Shows for Pure Breed Spanish horses. The traditional movement of the PRE horse is upward and forward, and this more pronounced knee action has become very popular in International FEI dressage lately . Mares, stallions and youngstock with an important show record will naturally be higher priced as will those animals that have passed the second phase breeding approval revision called “Reproductor Calificado”. As for types, you …

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