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All you want to know about Purchasing a Spanish Dressage Horse

At present many of our clients are looking for an Andalusian  dressage  horse . Below are some important  guidelines to take into consideration : The years of economic crisis in Spain have caused a great change in the availability of PRE – Spanish Pure Breed – horses for sale .  Many breeders have gone out of business for various reasons. The elder generation of breeders have not been able to adapt  their production to the demands of the present market regarding the ever increasing requirements of the  pre purchase veterinary  examinations, the desired characteristics of dressage type movement and current training and horse management methods. It is very difficult to turn a traditional breeding farm into a financially viable enterprise. Only few new breeders are bold, wealthy and …

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The Spanish Horse

Also known as Andalusian – Pura Raza Española– PRE  – Spanish Pure Breed Horse The Ideal Horse  both for Amateur and Professional Riders For the amateur rider, these horses with majestic looks and high stepping movements, traditional long manes and tails and above all their wonderful trustworthy temperament, do not need any further introduction. These riders  are well aware of the outstanding qualities of this breed, guaranteed to provide a safe and comfortable ride. Following the excellent results of the PRE ( Pure Bred Spanish – Andalusian ) horses at top international dressage shows, both amateur and professional riders from all over the world are  keen to find their ideal Spanish horse to be trained up to the highest possible competition levels. Choice of Horses Our Spanish Horses …

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The Buying and Exporting Process

A STEP BY STEP GUIDE to the THE BUYING AND EXPORTING PROCESS   Step One  We suggest you study our “HORSES FOR SALE CATALOGUE” published on this website and visit our Youtube channel “Miriam Frenk Andalusian Horses for sale“. Not all horses included on the website catalogue have their videos open to public viewing , so please contact us for links to videos. Please send us the filled out enquiry form , so we know exactly what your wishes are. Do not forget to include the id. numbers of those horses that appealed to you from our website listing. Or send us an e-mail , stating the following charactericstics of the horse(s) you are searching : Breed Gender Height Age Colour Type ( traditional baroque or  modern FEI …

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What Prices are Based On

Often clients are some what puzzled regarding the value of our PRE – Pura Raza Española  – Andalusian horses and therefore it is useful to explain by what factors prices are influenced. CORRECT CONFORMATION QUALITY OF MOVEMENT TYPINESS These are qualities that the PRE horse should show in the eyes of the Spanish judges at the “Concursos Morfológicos” – the Conformation Shows for Pure Breed Spanish horses. The traditional movement of the PRE horse is upward and forward, and this more pronounced knee action has become  more  in demand  in  International FEI dressage lately . Mares, stallions and youngstock  with an important show record can be very high priced as will those animals that have passed the second phase  of the breeding approval revision called  “Reproductór Calificado”. As …

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The influence of the Rider’s Body on that of the Horse

The sensitivity of the horse has never ceased to amaze me. How it is possible for our tiniest movement to have an effect on a body as large as that of our horse. If this were not the case, however, we would never be able to command them as we wish. Riding would become a struggle between the animal and the rider – and it is not difficult to foresee who would win this confrontation. A good rider is one who, when riding, knows how to use the various parts of his body, applying subtle amounts of muscular pressure, in the exact quantity needed and at just the right moment, knowing in advance what the effect of these interventions (aids) will be. Here we shall be looking at …

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