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All you want to know about Purchasing a Spanish Dressage Horse

At present many of our clients are looking for an Andalusian  dressage  horse . Below are some important  guidelines to take into consideration :

  • The years of economic crisis in Spain have caused a great change in the availability of PRE – Spanish Pure Breed – horses for sale .  Many breeders have gone out of business for various reasons. The elder generation of breeders have not been able to adapt  their production to the demands of the present market regarding the ever increasing requirements of the  pre purchase veterinary  examinations, the desired characteristics of dressage type movement and current training and horse management methods. It is very difficult to turn a traditional breeding farm into a financially viable enterprise. Only few new breeders are bold, wealthy and knowledgeable enough to have taken on the challenge. The result is that the  production of Andalusian horses has decreased  while  the  demand  for  Spanish  horses  suitable  for FEI / British dressage has increased.
  • The type of horse that the average often not so young client requires is not of the traditional baroque type . It was not that along ago that the more the horse would wing / dish the better , as the Spanish horses were used for parades  and riding out. Although this characteristic is not desirable anymore, many horses will still have a tendancy to  show such a  marked movement which  is not easily eliminated in breeding within a few generations.   Most clients are looking  for a comfortable horse that is easy to sit, has  a great temperament  and sweet disposition, which are typical characteristics of the PRE – Spanish Pure Breed  horses . But at the same time horses are required to be forward going, expressive  and competitive in the ring even when competing  against warmblood horses.  Their ideal horse is perfectly trained and automatic to ride even for the less skilled rider .  Rest assured that at all times Miriam Frenk will try to find the perfect horses for you to consider while trying to match the required characteristics with the rider’s needs..


  • There are very few horses that fall in the above mentioned category . Confirmed level 4 , PSG , or GP trained horses  suitable for the amateur rider  are very rare – so it is possible that  clients may need to adjust their requirements regarding training level, colour (!), gender , height , age  and price  to  the actual  availability of Spanish dressage horses.


  • If you have a good trainer at home , a good  option may be  to buy an Iberian dressage horse with suitable movements   but without  confirmed flying changes . Choosing this route would provide a much wider choice of horses and would enable you to develop together with your horse under the guidance of your trainer.


  • Do not expect to find a huge number of potential candidates to view when you travel to Spain . It is not advisable to just travel around trying to find the right horse . Set up your itinerary beforehand with the help from a reputable broker . Even if you just find one or two horses that seem to be the perfect match, it is worthwhile to travel immediately! In the case of  viewing a very limited number of horses, it is advisable to have a pre purchase examination carried out  and have the necessary blood tests  performed ( if  such are required for importing into your country)  prior to booking your trip,  in order to  know that these horses are suitable for purchase .


  • Given the scarcity of high quality and trained Spanish Pure Breed / Andalusian dressage horses available , you are much better off using the services of a specialized broker .  Keep in mind that most brokers in Spain will have the same horses to offer  and that they are in close and continuous contact with colleagues, studfarms and trainers. Once you have found a person you feel comfortable to work with in terms of reputation, communication and professionality, then avoid making travel arrangements with several brokers.  In our case you  can indicate the  horses you have found on the internet and we shall then contact the studfarms and persons you  mentioned and coordinate the visits for you. It is very important that your broker is or becomes familiar with the background and history of the horses you are considering and also confirms their temperament and suitability for you as a rider. This ensures that  your interests come first – instead of  creating an unproductive  competition among sellers which could result in you viewing, riding  or purchasing a horse that is not the right one for you!


  • Do not expect the training methods and horse management process in every region of Spain to be of the same level you are used to at home. In some areas you will find that Spanish dressage trainers  will show you the horses in a manner that you are acquainted with, but in other regions – specifically in the South of the country , there is a different equestrian culture. Try to look through these differences and assess whether the horse is suitable for your purpose .


  • Spain is a large country and suitable horses might be located in distant  areas .  The high velocity train system makes traveling to most regions  very easy so be open minded as to  visiting various regions of the country even if you have limited time available.


  • When choosing a veterinary surgeon in your country to check the radiographs and vet report for you, make sure it is either the vet your normally work with  (so you are a regular client for him/her ), or a person who is used to the characteristics of the Andalusian horse and knowledgeable in reading X rays.  The conformation of the Spanish horse  ( with often rather narrow  feet and  high heels by nature )  and the way they are raised on hard ground as there are very few green fields in our country – can result in small findings appearing on the radiographs that you might not come accross that often in the warmblood sport horse’s X-Rays .  It would be a shame to eliminate an otherwise highly suitable horse for these reasons when these will not impact the use of the horse for your purposes..


  • On another note – when looking for your Spanish dressage horse – be sure to inform the broker of your age, your riding experience  and  possible physical   limitations (fitness, hip, back  or weight issues for example ) . It is not uncommon for clients to select with an expert eye , the best moving , most energetic  horses  but once they come to meet these horses they do not result to be   a suitable match  for the rider.  Enjoy viewing all the videos , but make sure your selection is realistic and in accordance with your needs .  If in doubt Miriam Frenk can advise you of course, based on her long standing experience with matching the right horse and rider pair..


  • The importing process can seem a bit complicated at first sight , but we take care of the coordination so it is really straightforward. Please contact us for guidelines and specific information.


  • If you would like to receive first hand information from other clients that have purchased Andalusian dressage horses recently , it will be a pleasure to put you into contact with these persons.


  • Please note that not all PRE – Spanish Pure Breed dressage horses that we source are shown on our website – , so do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we shall send you the links  to the videos  of  both listed and unlisted horses that could be of interest to you .


  • Miriam Frenk looks forward to assist you in your search for a Spanish dressage horse – Feel free to contact us by e mail to or or through our enquiry form on the website .


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